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How to breed healthy dogs of any kind

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Breeding a dog can be a difficult task for those who are new to dog breeding business. It is because there is more to it than just looking for good looking dogs ready to breed. There  are so many dog combinations that there is a list of dog breeds that categorized all kinds of dog breeds that you may have if you mix these kinds of breeds with another kind of dog breeds. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you with your breeding whether they are from small dog breeds, big dog breeds or any other kind of breeds.

The most important that you need to consider before breeding happy, healthy puppies is your female dog. She need be in heat first before she can breed, which normally happens every six to seven months. However, even though she may go into heat while she’s young or even though she came from big dog breeds, she still may not be physically mature enough to carry, deliver, and take care for her new babies. That is why you should wait until your dog is physically mature enough before you can think of breeding her. For some breeds, this may be two or more years of age. But, for most small dog breeds, they mature a lot faster than middle dog breeds and big dog breeds.

If you have a hard time with understanding the list of dog breeds, then you can talk to your veterinarian as they can help you in deciding when the time is right for your dog to breed. Vets know everything about your animal, and know how to perform and interpret all the necessary tests and physical exams need for your dog. So, if you don’t know when the right time to breed your dog is, it’s best to wait until your vet says that she is ready to breed.

After the go signal for your vet, the next step is to find the appropriate male to mate with your dog. Make sure the dog that you choose is healthy, and you should verify with his owner that he is of a pure bloodline so that you will get good puppies. Mating is best works if you bring your female to the male, even if your dog came from middle dog breeds, and the male is from the small dog breeds. This is because the male needs to be comfortable in order to perform his task, which he usually does in his own territory.

Small dog breeds tends to fertile much faster than middle dog breeds and big dog breeds. Fertility periods can also vary from their breed, not just their size. So, it is best to check the list of dog breeds or consult your vet in order to identify what the most favorable times for mating are. In some cases, you’ll also have to go through some trial and error just to learn what works for your female dog. By following all of these advices, you will be able to have good and healthy puppies in a few months’ time.